Michele Settembre - 20 Google fonts per mostrare numeri tecnici in webapp e software

the 20 best Google Fonts to show numbers in app, webapp and webistes

Google offers a huge and great fonts selection developers can use in their web development.
Google revisited the google fonts website (https://fonts.google.com) in 2016 and it is now very accessible, it is a real workshop (developed in AngularJS) to try and test google fonts before to select them to use in web projects.

This generation let copywriters and bloggers free to raise a lot of articles about google fonts and fonts selections: best fonts in printing, best fonts combinations, best fonts selections for magazines’ articles, most readable fonts and so many others but the one I missed is the one to screen google fonts that are great to show numbers.
I’m not talking about showing time on a monitor or a cost for a product, I’m talking about the fact that in app and webapp, expecially the ones with technical targets, it is important to pick the right font to show a number in specific context. Sometimes numbers have to be thin to let room to other information on the screen, sometimes they have to be big to be clearly seen from far or to make the focus on something. There are several reasons why we (developers) should pay attention about the font we could pick to let our numbers to match with their meanings.

A list of the most appreciated fonts to show numbers in websites, app and webapp, follows here. In the list you can find thin and tall fonts, there are fat fonts and there are relaxing fonts like being in 50s. Maybe it’s early to say I can suggest a font for a specific target but I can offer a list of selected fonts that have been great in webapps and reports. Pick the one you think it’s good to reach your web project target!

Fjalla One: € 159.864,50
Khand: € 159.864,50
Dorsa: € 159.864,50
Chathura: € 159.864,50
Roboto Condensed: € 159.864,50
Oswald: € 159.864,50
Anton: € 159.864,50
Pathway Gothic One: € 159.864,50
Comfortaa: € 159.864,50
Passion One: € 159.864,50
Istok Web: € 159.864,50
Teko: € 159.864,50
Crushed: € 159.864,50
Suranna: € 159.864,50
Stint Ultra Condensed: € 159.864,50
Bubbler One: € 159.864,50
Bokor: € 159.864,50

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