Beauty – Roma

update 27.08.2016

Beauty is the word with which I define all photography as a subject that sees female beauty.

I tried to dissociate myself from the usual categories of photography involving the female beauty and are beauty, glamor, nude, fashion and other.
The attempt was to show a less commercial of beauty. At the same time the attempt was to stay close to lights and colors of Rome.

More than once it was possible to take pictures in the city and what we prefiggevamo with photography was to juxtapose contrasting beauties shown so fun. Many attempts are still a work in progress but in some cases, some shots have approached the goal of designing a beauty essentially Roman lowered into very beauty of Rome.

An abandoned house, Villa Torlonia, The Orange Garden are just some of the scenarios where we tried to find a look and a different light of feminine beauty.

Another attempt was not to demean the beauty photographing it in the usual way but trying to find a light for each of the models that would dress appropriately, just like a girl opens the wardrobe and for different occasions choose a different dress, so in photography, we tried to consider different times of year and the time of day to be a different dress for each different beauty we had been shooting.

The goal is not of the simplest but also in this case, much of the good that has been done, has been made possible by the city itself, its light and its beauty.

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