Fotografia in Roma

update 27.08.2016

Photography in Rome is the project that has marked the last three years, in which the love of the Eternal City has led me to live it and to photograph it.

Started in November 2012, the project has seen its spaces at all times where you can experience the city with a camera around his neck. This, the eternal city, proved unable to reduce its own charm and so the project has become everyday life. Of all the wonders and all the splendor of this city that can not stop to amaze between its light and its endless stories, my search for a passion passion met the Tiber, a world lost in the city that never you can not say enough and which can never spend enough photography.

Photography in Rome is Rome in black and white, Trastevere, Coppedè, the Tiber, Piazza Navona, the Vatican City, the St Peter’s Basilica, the city parks, the Villas of Rome, the Waters of Rome, the fountains, the Squares and his stories.

A “Photography in Rome” I would now be able to combine at least two other projects which will soon, I hope, I can write and show shots.

While I know that everything eventually sees his end, this city is still one of the few things to challenge and win the time passing.

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