Fotografia di interni

update 27.08.2016

The city of Rome has also offered an opportunity to study and work on the interior photography

The city of Rome has also offered this: in addition to beautiful views, landscapes, monuments, and as you can imagine that a city like Rome can offer, walking with the camera around his neck in his ways, there is also a Rome discover just in its interiors.

In 2012 participation in a selection of photographers for interior photography led me to spend a few months in this discipline. The work was done for some web agencies dealing with the sale and rental of apartments and houses in the town particularly beautiful and interesting.

The study of this area of photography brought new knowledge, new techniques and also new instruments to enhance the overall picture of photography. The experience allowed me to gather a lot of material and also to get in touch with a reality of the city that would otherwise have been unexplored by street photographer.

The interior photography is a significant added value to the wealth of knowledge and ability of the photographer because it forces him to dimensioned with a reality circumscribed and limited in space with precise targets to be achieved. Concepts of light and perspective changed profoundly in interior photography and acquire a value which in other contexts is almost taken for granted.

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