Photography in Rome – Beauty – Sagittario (Sagittarius)

A walking with Sagittarius, from Circo Massimo to the Giardino degli Aranci, passing through the passing through the roses garden

We walked up to forget that we wanted to be at the Orange Garden for the time at which the sun, cutting, stretching shadows and makes deep colors.

We knew that the Orange Garden, one of the most beautiful terraces of Rome, would not disappoint, the only problem would be to deal with the people who would be found there just when we needed solitude.

She helped Sagittarius who explained, between beauty and poses that there was no room for anyone else in the scene and the audience was made back for a few minutes. Thank you all.

Some shots with Sagittarius are still being worked on so it is difficult to interpret the bright lights we breathed in that afternoon.

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