Panorama in Rome

The panorama is not just the term that refers to a wide view of a landscape or a horizon

The Panorama is a photographic technique that requires the use of multiple pictures to compose a single, more comprehensive view or a more detailed portrait of a particular object. Take a photo of a view may not be enough because, for example, to cover a wide range you must give up retail as it has to use a wide-angle obettivo that tends to “remove” the objects and then to make them smaller can pterne entrareuna do as much in the recovery of the car. Not to forget the details you have to go to enlarge and then to bring the projections with the result of excluding some, the most external, by click.

In order to result in a high detail of the image you want to portray without having to give up his extreme you have to go to perform a greater number of shots vertical approached in order to fragment the image you want to shoot in two or more ( sometimes up to ten or eleven) shots. These tiles of a mosaic are then digitally combined to form a single large shot that portrays an image that does not lose extended detail.

The Panorama of Rome are multiple shots that count from 2 to 13 shots that make up the image that is the result of work. Each image that you will see in this collection is made up of several photographs side by side and fused to define a “view”, a wide view on a particular city.

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