Motofollia Roma, the website

Motofollia Roma is a web exemplary work for the management of data in continuous entry and exit from the site.

Motofollia is a job web runs between the spring and summer of 2015. The project included a comprehensive development of the web site, taking charge of some targets in terms of SEO and also a complete redesign of the logo and some graphics products .

The project was completed according Motofollia customer expectations and ahead of its time of release.

It is also the dealership where I bought my bike and the workshop that I trust, I do not hesitate to recommend you to refer to them for an order value and a highly specialized and professional maintenance.

The project provides a structure Motofollia Rome backend WordPress can handle consciously continuous input and output of motorcycles, cars and accessories.

All this is achieved with particular attention to the possibility of sharing in social circuits and web advertising for a used motorcycle industry.

In relation to this there is provided an archive that is able to retain data of the motion, photographs and also all communication between clients – site – for customers requests barter and the purchase proposals. At any time you can go back to any means and not sold, and all communications relating to itself.

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