Interiors Photography

A summer of interior photography in some residences in Rome.

Some claim to show what is not.

More and more in this generation communication photography was handled like a projector of illusions in a context where it should have done the greatest effort to represent the reality of things.

If shooting is right to interpret the creativity, the imagination of the area which in some cases becomes art, makes use of all possible means to promote the product resembles our vision. Then there are contexts in which, however, all of this can (and perhaps should) be called “distortion” representation. The fast-food sandwiches on billboards dovrebber to hold producers liable under the law for fraud because they are exactly what you are selling, and what you are selling is not like the one you have ever seen on the streets of your city. The same thing happens in the advertising of vacation spots, exasperation (compression) of the color and its saturation carry the seas and the skies to be more and more blue. I just always purer and colors generally increasingly synonymous with warmth, beauty, cleanliness and transparency. Well, mostly, transparency is not.

The same thing often happens in interior photography, where the color is altered, the shape adjusted, touched up the lights, the machine removed. All this can be applied in two ways: professionally and artistically. The choice of application makes a professional photographer or a forger.

In the study of interior photography key role is played by the flash and the many ways it can be used. Fully illuminate a room by limiting the shadows to the inevitable feeling of depth is one of the most difficult practices. Sometimes the lighting is compensated in the studio, sometimes it is “created” in the studio to make well-lit even the places you are not or sometimes to make wonderful rooms that are not.

Difficult to show the public how to understand the different levels of alteration. Often all that it turns out that the public wants is the illusion that everything is wonderful because things really wonderful too expensive, both in terms of realization and maintenance.

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