Geneo LTD, an english project

Geneo LTD is Lean Manufacturing, something in Italy does not exists but it is one of the better payed service in the world

In a relationship that has been going successfully for the past eight years, the last product made for Geneo could be nothing but their Web site, a project that, of course, in true English style goes far beyond the website end in itself.

There are many things that pass between cultures, I brought a lot to England the first time in 2006, I took a lot from them in the following years, but there is somethings that, when we encounter it, we understand immediately that it cannot slide so easily from one culture to another with a simple story, as keen to be the story. One of these things is the method by which the Anglo-Saxon work, the method by which they develop their business. By our side, in creativity, we cannot be beaten, but their virtues, we can not beat the ability to be practical, productive and highly professional.

This way it started the web project in 2012 and is successfully carried out. Hardly they allow themselves a failure and even more rarely successful is linked to profit. from their point of view profit is the natural consequence of a successful method, proper drafting of objectives and a professional development with immutable firmness and fairness.

I am fascinated by the english style of creating a project, carry it forward and conclude it with great professionalism, so I always liked to be involved in their projects and I relied on their assessments in order to work properly and look its best.

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