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Flex grid, flexible CSS grid

The CSS Flex grid is one of the possible web styling evolutions, based on the Object Oriented Programming

Born by the luck experience in the use of Bootstrap of Twitter and by the need to abandon the lattice columns that provides a rigid structure made of rows and columns and of a vertical reading, the flexible grid provides a view devoid of orientation and object-oriented in the space, perfect to accommodate the results of asynchronous requests and javascript programming client and server side.
The flexible grid shows the web without development limits, the flex grid remove the creativity limits. The flexible grid collects programming rules and styling “mobile first” and offers a completely new desktop experience.
The project is evolving and this will be subject to continuous upgrade but as all the projects of evolutionary will be backward compatible.
The style sheet is revealed with each new step with examples of use. The integration of the script javascript that accompanies it will be presented only to version 5, when the style sheet will be enhanced with several classes for the construction of complex objects and systems of objects.

Version 0 (zero)

It is the basic version of the idea. The flex grid idea is described using the basic classes of the elements.
In this version the flex grid offers easy containers and it describes easy behaviours to let people to be familiar with flex concepts.

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