update 27.08.2016

A WordPress developer is more than loading a theme and installing some plugins.

WordPress is the most used and popular CMS in the world. It allows to manage so many different kind od websites, portals and web applications. Its extensions allow developer to manipulate it easly and let them free to be absolutely creative. With WordPress you can get solid and safe web products with the highest security level.

So many products can be developed with WordPress: small websites, e-shop, portals, websites network, forum and Q&A and so many other products.

Important to consider in reason of WORDPRESS development:

To install, to access, to select/load a theme and to add some plugins cannot be considered “WordPress development”. If someone define themselves a wordpress developer and the skill is more or less what I’ve just listed you are, maybe, in front of a “junior” trying to climb the wall of “make experience through a job and become a pro while they work”.

WP is even more than you can consider it, wordpress is more than a blog, here follow some examples of websites based on wordpress:

and so many others.

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