update 25.08.2016

MEAN is innovation, the answer to the web need of speedness and lightness for web application

MEAN is innovation, it is a server-side JavaScript communication, the brand new solution to reach incredible targets of speedness and lightness for web products.

Mongodb: It is an innovative database nosql structured objects and JSON calls.
Express is a web application framework in node.js with a well-stocked library of functionality to build single-page, multi-page and web application hybrid.
AngularJS extends HTML vocabulary for web applications. The result is extremely flexible, readable and expressive, quick to develop.
Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript technology for a rapid establishment and scale web applications.

This synergy allows rapid development and expression, as well as communication between the software involved, such as to render obsolete any standard form of synergy that instead involves server side languages and SQL technology.

Many WEB developments of this generation attempt an approach to this new development technique, unfortunately, it is a thought system development extremely new and different to all what it has so far preceded, it is sometimes particularly difficult to understand because you try to adapt the new instrument to an old style of thinking while this technology takes a creativity and a whole new fantasy. Besides there being very little prior experience you do not know in depth all the risks of a covered beginning with enthusiasm but sometimes, if not kept properly under control, you can find off-topic or on a street not suitable to the purposes of the project.

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