update 25.08.2016

Development environment

Area of development characterized by a server configuration that sees the following elements to compose the structure that makes it accessible website content:

Linux is the operating system more reliable and structured to combine and offer features such as security and stability.
Apache, the application is able to create a communication channel between the data in the machine storati server (content) and requests for it (called web).
MySQL server is the application server capable of storing organize and make accessible databases.
PHP is the programming language capable of producing data processing unit that generates an output to a logic web, ie, html.

This synergy makes it possible today more than 70% of the public web. Much of web projects of the past 15 years have been characterized by a structure that rests on this server architecture described above. Not that it is essential to fully understand the dynamics of this technology, but you can consider it essential to define the knowledge of the WEB.

In 2004, when Facebook was born, it developed definitions of dynamic web content that seemed to be as “well defined” and flexible in adapting to their needs, which could not have been made in discussions for decades. Today we are faced with an evolution / revolution of the web as fast and early in some cases that the reality far exceeds the imagination.

We are concepts of fluidity of data spanning degrees and with few steps that were innovative concepts only a few years ago, as the very definition of LAMP architecture, that seemed insurmountable, now must give way to young and innovative technologies that allow rapid calculation unimaginable for a structure of only a few years old.

Before I leave you to the next, and of course, this overview chapter of my program (MEAN), is a necessary step on what is still, to this day, the mainstay of my skills: PHP.

This language was born almost by accident, received the favor of developers and web programmers since its beginnings, and for the particular brevity of its expressions is the great, great compatibility with the MySQL Database Server, one of the truly great pillars the data storage of the last 20 years. MySQL and Oracle (the two database server application in question) had the need to be adopted, each one, by an effective web programming language that would allow to make easily accessible the data stored in these large hives that are in the database. Millions and millions of well-sorted data cells that should be called, understood, interpreted and finally transformed into light and color from the web programming languages, lights and colors that are HTML and CSS  internet web pages that every day we surf.

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