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update 25.08.2016

WEB development, 10 years of experience between servers and browsers, between clients and partners, from LAMP to MEAN

In ten long years of web development I have been so lucky to have experiences in so many different languages, I picked many, I refused many others. I meet so many different kind of clients and partners. There have been so many projects  and try, between Italy and United Kingdom I have been onored to work with so many people that gave me the opportunity to develop, to grow, to learn and to collect experiences. So many things were WEB, so many other things looked like web but they were only business. So many things looked like web but at the end they were nothing.

In so many years I’ve tried to keep safe and clean the code and I tried to keep safe the client that so many times is forget in reason of the project, in reason of “dirty” money.

A script could be perfectly composed and validated by so many on-line services but it could mean nothing in the project the script is if we don’t pay the right amount of attention to the client’s needs and requests

Essentially there are today two columns in my web development environment and they are opposed and to pick one or the other could make the difference between a great result or a big failure: LAMP and MEAN

LAMP is a consolidated technology and it is considered till today the WEB structure. It has been the 80% of the WEB structure in the last 15 years and is surely the best server-side structure to build a WEB server to host client applications and websites. LAMP is
Linux Operating System
Apache software to allow web visibility of server scripts and applications
MySQL database Server to store records and information and
PHP is the language to connect a logic to the DB and to finally render the HTML for the WEB

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The other main column of my WEB development is MEAN and is pure innovation. MEAN  is the answer to the WEB need of speedness, quick development, MVC structure and lightness: MEAN is
Mongodb, nosql db, fast easy and scalable
Express, the same Apache is in LAMP but so light that you have to teach to Express anything you want it to do for you
AngularJS, is the Google framework to quickly develop web application following the MVC standard and
NodeJS, is the server application to make possibile to server side javascript.

MEAN is moving the WEB to single-page application and it is setting the “page load and reload” obsolete process to get contents.

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In my WEB development, the hightest skill in a CMS environment is in WORDPRESS development. Years of experiences set the professional at the hightest level. WordPress development is: core manipulation, plugins development, modules development, theming, customiziation and so many other features applied to the best CMS in the world: WordPress

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