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Newsme is a 2015 project, still live, still work in progress.

The idea is essentially to create a single page (single page) in which they flow continuously, without the need to perform any action on the page, all the latest world news.

Imagine log on newsme via app or website (the product is absolutely identical to that app or webapp) and they can receive for free and forever an uninterrupted flow of world news, politics, sports, finance, health, society, gossip , novelty, kitchen, technology, electronics, information and culture in general from any category.

Too many things? Do not worry because newsme helps you create your profile with your choices and automatically filter the mainstream news until you have your custom stream.

Newsme grants you then to make two main actions once developed your profile and set your stream:

the first one is going to instantly filter your stream to reduce it still up to offer a search result based on your criteria
return instantly to full flow
Other features newsme are:

  • Area favorite
  • Area profile
  • Share on social
  • Custom Weather
  • Search and Advanced Search
  • Instant filtering by keyword
  • Filtering by tag or category
  • Filtering by subject area
  • Filtering for source publishing
  • Read news from other countries
  • Language change

Not to bore you in this first description we’ll essentials, instead follow the specific articles of the blog to explore the potential of the project.

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