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WordPress plugin: Post thumbnail from url (featured)

Post thumbnail from url is a WordPress plugin to get images from the web using url

Post thumbnail from url has been developed in 2015, June and published on 2015, July, WordPress 4.0+ compatible.

The “post thumbnail from url” plugin adds a field for a public url in the post thumbnail metabox in your Post Type create/edit page.
Clicking on “Get image from the web” the plugin takes care of getting the image from the internet and import it in the WordPress Media Library, afterward you can click on “set post thumbnail” and find your new image in the Media Library, ready to insert it in your post.

To summarize the process:

  • you are creating/editing a post or a custom post type record
  • you want to add a post thumbnail
  • before to click on “set post thumbnail” insert an online image url
  • Click on “Get image from the web”
  • The plugin answers with a positive or negative message about the importing process
  • Click now on “Set post thumbnail” to access the Media Library
  • Select the image you’ve just imported in the Media Library
  • Click on “Set featured image”
  • Done!

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