Development test: One page site full page scroll

The full page scroll is one of the trends of this generation, the action can move vertically to scroll through different slides for different site content.

A project input (rather than himself) involved the construction of a one-page site, or a site that involves loading pages to display content but carries out all its functionalities within a single page.

The concept is developed considering the user’s monitor as a viewer for presentation slides, each of which shows different content of the site. A very special feature of this fashion generation is to involve the mouse scroll wheel by imposing javascript programming, to cancel the action of the usual scroll that is to move vertically by several hundred pixels to each “tooth” of the scroll mouse to replace this action with the transition from one slide to the individual action of the use of the scroll (for this full page scroll scroll active because the change of slides and then moves an entire page).

This action can be programmed both for the vertical movement or horizontal.

At the point of development where I was I was four slides placed vertically and the second slide, considering the first, the home, the one on top, I was four slides placed horizontally.
Not to throw the job I decided to quickly convert the project into an example of development that showed this technique and how it can be quickly (for a developer) modified to add content.

I made the first slide of a home introduction, the second, consisting of slides placed horizontally, a photo gallery, and the third and fourth slide in pages with informative content.

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