Roma 921

We hoped to not getting lost among the thousands and thousands of shots of our friends and colleagues.
Between shots Professional and amateur models tfcd and bunnies fee, Russian beauties navigate (by Nikon) and new appearances of students novice, we wanted to draw a new way to perceive the beauty and the color in the photo. We also wanted, for the most part, be Rome the conrnice of this new beauty.
There is no time, we say with a sigh as ephemeral beauty itself, in a Rome that telling us about a too ambitious fantasy and villainy not practice in a long time to wait for the right girl, with the right smile, in a perfect light in the city.
At one point, Rome has turned, as the most austere of matrons and telling us to not earn enough, and brought us back to our jobs.
So Rome 921 is a project remained suspended in midair. For now we do not want him to die, but does not mention it any more.
In the shots, however, some good memories

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