Creazioni ghii, a brand new world of jewelry in brass, copper and aluminum

Creazioni ghii is jewelry from Florence and Rome

Creazioni ghii is a 2014 web project, made as php developer and wordpress developer.

Progetto web 2014, relizzato come sviluppatore php, wordpress.

The Creazioni ghii project was born in collaboration with an extraordinary Florentine artist. Florence is the perfect setting for her jewelry and her imagination and in the website Marilù is always ready to welcome visitors, wearing jewelery creations for ghii and explains the value of the jewels.

In consideration of the big potential of Creazioni ghii I think there could be so much to do around the website in reason of the creative stock and in meaning of upgrades, new pages and other solution to show Creazioni ghii jewelry but the florentine artist wants to keep herself minimal and very easy going so, every time I suggest a new stuff she strongly say “no! I like it as it is, no upgrades, no new shadows, no refinements”. I have to be so patience! 😉

“When I first talked to Marilù, the first time, she invited me to come to her city, Florence, in a blue shirt. She was at the train station waiting for me, in a wonderful black dress and we did the stairs to heaven, we get the terrace at Baglioni hotel, the stars seem to be there for us and we were just one step from the sky. She shown me her jewelry and we were happy. This is the happiness: Marilù jewelry.”

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