Bed & Breakfast Passeggiate Romane

Built as PHP developer and WordPress.

2015. A project web site “flat” extremely linear and minimalist presentation of the Bed & Breakfast “Walking Roman” near Vatican City in Rome.

The project Bed & Breakfast Walking Roman wanted to build a website to present extremely flat and minimal characterized by strong colors and vivid in consonance with the colors of the rooms and at the same time a combination that was harmonious and that were wedded to the concept walks relaxing and rejuvenating. The result would be a feeling of peace, rest and refreshment that it moved away the mind from the hustle and bustle of the city and bring the imagination to a place less citizen, more bucolic.

All this was to be achieved through the use of a few words and few significant images.

Simply we believe we have reached a result, even if the project, especially for what concerns the style, you can define “still in the works.”
Browsing the site, it has exactly the feeling of entering into an “environment” stranger to the city by its very definition it is chaotic and noisy.

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