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Interiors Photography

Fotografia di interni per scoprire il fascino della fotografia con uso del flash in spazi ristretti e necessità di correzioni cromatiche

The roses of Rome

The Roses of Rome, lull in the most beautiful places of the Roman

Panorama in Rome

The panorama is not just the term that refers to a wide view of a landscape or a horizon

Roma 921

Rome Photo 921 is the project that did meet me and Adriano in the search for a new female beauty in the shots in Rome

Piazza Navona artists (it was 2014, they are not there anymore)

It was 2014 when it disappeared forever artists of Piazza Navona, today there are more, today are a sweet memory of Rome.

Photography in Rome – Beauty – Girasole (the sunflower)

Girasole (sunflower) is beauty, beeing late, misunderstanding, change of direction, to lie and fake and fake smiles but...

Lungotevere, details of a walking digged in the wonderful city of Rome

Enlargements of some particular points of lights hidden in a collection of photographs depicting the light along the Lungotevere

Photography in Rome – Beauty – Sagittario (Sagittarius)

A walk at the Orange Garden waiting for the sun sets we play with light and "Sagittarius"

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